"The bay is the bay." Joe Kapusta
photos by Charles Raglund.


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2008 Poetry Prize Winners. Prize page contains links to further collections by winning poets John Grey, Angela Mankiewicz, Sheema Kalbasi.

Poem by Shirley Lake. Shirley was the editor of Stillwaters Press, publisher of a series of chapbooks representing many of Southern New Jersey's best poets.

Sypniewski visits Belgium, the 12th century-- Photos and text.

Dale Tushman's 2007 prize winning poem is accompanied by the poetry of Svea Barrett, Sari Grandstaff, and Erum Ahmed.


Four poems by Marylisa W. DeDomenicis.
Marylisa also maintains her own beautiful website at notherpoet.com

Photography by Carlos Catalán, Ignasi Ferrer, Alex Llopis; poetry by Pilar Benito, Javi Inglés, Elena Vilallonga, with English translations and an introduction by Patrick Pfister.

Ignasi Ferrer / Nine photos of the Pyrenees.

Sterling Brown, short story: Ski the Beach..

Photography not to be missed: Brenton Rossow's beautiful portraiture from Southeast Asia, where he has been living for the past nine years. Photographer Bernard Sypniewski's collection has been updated with ten new South Jersey portraits, faces of Cumberland and Cape May Counties.

More poetry: Hugh Fox, Abigale Louise LeCavalier, Linda Ann Strang, and Sandy Green.

Jerseyworks is a cummulative collection of poetry, prose, photography, and art. In our twelfth year, we have regular readers in over forty countries, yet we maintain a local flavor. As Northfield poet Susan Canvanaugh has written, "When the drawbridge goes up, get out of your car and breathe..."

Jerseyworks first went online in August, 2001. Now Jerseyworks editors will take time out in order to pursue our own writing and reading of poetry for the next several months. We look forward to reading submissions again in the fall of 2014. In the meantime, we invite you to explore the poetry, stories, and art that have been published here during the past twelve and a half years. With few exceptions, all that we have published remains on our pages. We thank our contributors for their excellent work and hope that all of you reach even further for the best that is in you and that we will be seeing some of your new accomplishments at the end of the year.

POEMS OF JUNE 2013: Therèse Halscheid, John Grey, Luke M. Armstrong. "We feel that we are encountering the human being behind the words."—Review of Anne Whitehouse's most recent collection, The Refrain. More poetry coming soon.

NINE POETS, FALL 2012, SOME NEW, SOME OLD: Anne Whitehouse, TC Powell, John Grey, John McKernan, Jnana Hodson, KC Wilder, Susan Cavanaugh, Marylisa Dedomenicis, Luke M. Armstrong.

For many reasons, the value of poetry can be questioned, but there is at least one good and constant answer to that question: Poetry is the most private of the arts. It takes no more than two people to make it and read it; and if you write it yourself it takes only one. Poetry doesn't come looking for you, you have to find it yourself, you can go to it anytime anywhere night or day. It can be memorized and recited in the dark. Although poetry invites participation in readings and gatherings, it can also be the least social of arts, and it is certainly the cheapest. A poet needs nothing more than a sharpened pencil and a drugstore notebook and in fact does not even need that.

After reading Anne Whitehouse's chapbook One Sunday Morning, what is the best thing that can be said about it? That a poet was here, but something more: a person was here. It is certain that these poems portray exactly what they intend to portray, true feelings and a quest to understand our physical and spiritual existence. Review continued: The poetry of Anne Whitehouse.

NEW POETRY, SPRING 2012: Dennis Vannatta, Dianalee Velie, John Grey, Anca Vlasopolos, Kenneth Pobo.

FALL 2011: Somebody is out there reading and writing good poems and sending them our way. John Grey, KC Wilder and Christina M. Rau return to Jerseyworks, accompanied by Hannah Craig and Anne Whitehouse and by the photography of Keith Moul. For more of KC Wilder and his "FauxBrow" poetry, try "The Decadence Channel."

Photographer Keith Moul of Blaine, Washington, is also a poet whose work has been published for forty years. His chapbook, The Grammar of Mind was released in November 2010 by Blue and Yellow Dog Press.


Helen Ruggieri, Paul Lamar, Don Bloch.

D.H. Sutherland, Andrew Merton,
Jen Karetnick, Jennifer Hollie Bowles.

Rainer Maria Rilke: five translations by Susanne Petermann.

Kal Wagenheim, memoir: Siblings., Wagenheim's novel, The Secret Life of Walter Mott, is available from All Things That Matter Press.

From our April 2010 poetry collection: KJ's anthem for employment seekers, will blank for blank, as well as works by Goerge Moore, Melissa Carroll, Susan Cavanaugh, and Wayne Richards.

Michele LaRoche reflects on her 14th of July celebration during a summer's visit to her childhood home in the south of France. Un jour férié à la française is accompanied by an English translation.